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DRIVE SPRING 2017PROGRAM BSc ITSEMESTER SIXTHSUBJECT CODE & NAME BT9301, Com!"#$ G$%'c(1 )%" %$# "# *#+#"( o- '+"#$%c"'.# /$%'c( A+(#$


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involves a two way communicationbetween computer and user. Here the observer is given some control overthe image by providing him with an input device for example the videogame controller of the ping pong game. This helps him to signal hisrequest to the

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: Raster Scan Display is based on the television technology. nraster scan! the electron beam is swept across screen in which one row ata time from top to bottom and the beam intensity is turned on and o" which create a pattern of illuminated spots. #icture de$nition is stored inthe memory called frame bu"er%refresh bu"er. &rame bu"er

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: 'ideo editing is both an (rtistic and Technical process in which acollection of video material )footage* is compiled and altered from itsoriginal form to create a new version. The artistic process of video editing consists of deciding what elements toretain! delete! or

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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 4

MB0052– Strategic Management and Business Policy - 4 Credits

(Book ID: B1314)

The further classification of expansion strategy is as follows:—


- Diversification is a process of entry into a new business in the organization either marketwise or technology wise or both. Many organizations adopt diversification strategy to minimizethe risk of loss. It is also used to capitalize organizational strengths.Diversification may be the only strategy that can be used if the existing process of an organization isdiscontinued due to environmental and regulatory factors.The two basic diversification strategies are:°

Concentric diversification

The organization adopts concentric diversification when it takes up an activity that relates to thecharacteristics of its current business activity. The organization prefers to diversify concentrically either in terms of customer group, customer functions, or alternative technologies of the organization. It is alsocalled as related strategy.°

Conglometric diversification

The organization adopts conglometric diversification when it takes up an activity that does not relate tothe characteristics of its current business activity. The organization chooses to diversifyconglometrically either in terms of customer group, customer functions, or alternative technologies of the organization. It is also called as unrelated diversification.—


– Concentric expansion strategy is the first route towards growth in expanding thepresent lines of activities in the organization. The present line of activities in an organization indicatesits real growth potential in the present activities, concentration of resources for present activity whichmeans strategy for growth.The two basic concentration strategies are:°

Vertical expansion

The organization adopts vertical expansion when it takes over the activity to make its own supplies.Vertical expansion reduces costs, gains control over a limited resource, obtain access to potentialcustomers.°

Horizontal expansion

The organization adopts horizontal growth when it takes over the activity to expand into other geographical locations. This increases the range of products and services offered to the currentmarkets.


Retrenchment strategy is followed by an organization which aims to reduce the size of activities interms of its customer groups, customer functions, or alternative technologies.


– A healthcare hospital decides to focus only on special treatment to obtain higher revenueand hence reduces its commitment to the treatment of general cases which is less profitable.Different types of retrenchment strategies are:—


– Turnaround is a process of undertaking temporary reduction in the activities to makea stronger organization. This kind of processing is called downsizing or rightsizing. The idea behind thisstrategy is to have a temporary reduction of activities in the organization to pursue growth strategy atsome future point.Turnaround strategy acts as a doctor when issues like negative profits, mismanagement and decline inmarket share arise in the organization.


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