Police Brutality Thesis Statement


Farrar 3training is to maximize performance. Brian Kinnaird, director of research andtraining at the Forceology Research Group in Kansas insists,


thout training,officers are completely independent [but] with training, they are armed with better

judgment and discretionary capabilities” (206).

Police and criminologists note

distinct differences between the terms “use of force,” “unnecessary force,”


“brutality.” According to experts, the use of force is c

rucial and essential in order foran officer to do his job effectively. Unnecessary force however, is often the result of poor training such as when an officer barges into a situation where excessive forceis required in order to remove him or her self from the danger. In this case, cautionand better training could have prevented the situation from occurring. On the other

hand, brutality is “a conscious and venal act by officers who usually take

great pains

to conceal their misconduct”(Lawrence 19). According to this definition, brutality is

not necessarily correlated with poor training however excessive force often is. It isimportant to make the distinction between these often-confused terms.Often times the public can be quick to judge police officers and to label anecessary physical situation as brutality. Many people, in particular officersthemselves, feel that the public does not understand the day to day pressures of being a police officer and the many difficult gray situations where it is questionableas to how much force should be exerted. Although the specific actions that constitute excessive force or brutality may be easy to determine in articles andpolice manuals, for officers in the moment it is often not easy to decide how muchforce is actually necessary (Lawrence 19). Often times the stress of going years

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...Minorities and Police Misconduct I. Thesis Statement: Police misconduct can happen to anyone that runs into a official with a hidden agenda. However, police misconduct usually happens to minorities and in communities that are underserved. When the police target these minority groups they cause the minority groups to not trust officials, elevates the crime rate in underserved areas, and can destroy the minorities quality of life. II. Major Supporting Idea #1: Minorities lose trust with officials when there is malicious police conduct. ·they feel more attacked than protected. O “relationship between the police and minorities, especially African Americans, has been marked by a long history of violence and mistrust.” (Lersch,1999) ·minorities are targeted, and are cheated out of tax money for programs. The authors also used certain court cases to prove the fact. In this editorial, the authors decided to show how much money was being spent by comparing what the money could buy if it was not spent on police misconduct cases. This gives the reader a more physical example to how dire the situation is than using just numerical figures. (The Daily Record, 2011) ·minorities feel they are not going to have legal support. “This occurs despite the fact that race is often the focal point of misconduct in a way that disability status is not.” (Clark,2002) III. Major Supporting Idea #2: Crime rates in underprivileged areas increase because minorities do not believe......

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...Police Misconduct Response CJS/210 February 03, 2012 Police Misconduct Response Police brutality is the use of excessive force by a police officer and can be physical attacks, verbal attacks, or psychological intimidation. Police brutality is often triggered by disrespect towards the police officer. Police corruption is a form of police misconduct that is used by police to obtain personal gain, financial benefits, or career advancement. Police misconduct are when police officers take inappropriate actions in their official duties, which can lead to an innocent person being punished for a crime they did not commit or miscarriage of justice, and often involves discrimination. The relationship between police brutality, police corruption, and police misconduct are that they are all abuses of authority and violations of federal and state laws, or violations of the constitutional rights of the individual. There are many safeguards in place to protect individuals from abuse by police officers, such as Miranda rights that prevent officers from illegally obtaining information from the suspect during an arrest, the fourth amendment that protects the individual from illegal search and seizure and use of unlawful force, justification protects public from police abuse by limiting the times an officer is able to use force, and the fourteenth amendment protects the individuals rights to due process. These are all ways to protect the rights of the individual. Other ways......

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...Police misconduct | Often we want to know what goes on behind law enforcement and how their misconduct is handled. In this paper you will read about cases that have affected lives of Americans all over the country. | 5/13/2012 5/13/2012 ENGL107-1202B-01 English Composition II: Week 3 – Assignment: Police Misconduct 05/13/2012 Amber Derr American Intercontinental University ENGL107-1202B-01 English Composition II: Week 3 – Assignment: Police Misconduct 05/13/2012 Amber Derr American Intercontinental University In the world wide spread of media, it’s not hard to find opposing opinions about the fine line of law enforcement doing their jobs verses police brutality. The difficulty lies in deciding how much needed force is too much before crossing that line. You can ask multiple people in a community and every answer will be different. In reality it’s a matter of being able to tell if it’s out of protection or if it’s abuse of power. Is it fair that law enforcement can use unnecessary force to protect and serve this country? Law enforcement is supposed to protect and serve justice to the community. However, in some cases they use and abuse power given to them to where it is considered misconduct on their part. Maria Inamagua was from Ecuador living in the United States. She had gotten arrested on immigration violation charges in St. Paul, MN. She complained of severe headaches and dizziness for the course of five weeks. The jail law enforcement failed to take......

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...Is it fair that law enforcement can use unnecessary force to protect and serve this country? Law enforcement is supposed to protect and serve justice to the community. However, in some cases they use and abuse power given to them to where it is considered misconduct on their part. Maria Inamagua was from Ecuador living in the United States. She had gotten arrested on immigration violation charges in St. Paul, MN. She complained of severe headaches and dizziness for the course of five weeks. The jail law enforcement failed to take her to the hospital to receive treatment and instead gave her Tylenol. Before she passed away she suffered for 4 hours before being taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead due to lack of treatment of oxygen depriving parasites in her brain. (http://cuapb.org) Instances like this, shows that some people in law enforcement have no compassion for others. We as people should know our rights when it comes to police misconduct and take a stand for what are right. If you ever happen to be in a situation such as an arrest and they hand cuff you, there are a few things you should do. Make sure you don’t resist arrest and say that you are not resisting arrest. You should have the badge number or the name of the officer. If you can’t write it down call it out to where someone can write it down for you. Next, if you are injured in any way go to the hospital and tell hospital worker that you were injured due to an officer (only if it really......

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