Higher Chemistry Unit #1 Homework Pre Ap Calculus

My 2017 AP Chemistry Released Exam Draft Answers & Comments appear below. The questions are here. These are DRAFT answers and may change as errors are pointed out to me, and other thoughts come to my mind. Should you find an error PLEASE let me know by commenting on this post below, rather than emailing me or using the contact form me (that way all problems can be addressed in this post), and I will comment/change as necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: Any of my comments below about how your individual answers might be graded, are highly speculative – you should not take them as fact.

General Comments

Many, many, many words. Reading comprehension rules more than ever, but overall an easy exam I think.

Specific Question Comments

Question 1

Not much to report here, although in 1(c)(ii) I suspect the effect of lone pairs is now well and truly dead and buried, so not only will a wide-range of angles be acceptable, they will probably be quite content with 109.5°.

In d(i) don’t put hydrogen bonding! It may or may not cost a point, but just don’t do it!

Question 2

In (a) a ton of people that CAN calculate formal charge will not get the point about negative charges residing on more electronegative atoms.

Question 3

Part (d) is tricky IF it wants something OTHER than capacity. The ratio change is a subtle point, and gets far too (indeed perilously) close to an exclusion statement for my liking, i.e., that the computation of changes in pH of buffers are not required. Yes, I know no calculation is required here, but still…

Question 4

In (b) I cannot imagine a calculation of Rf would be required.

Question 5

I’m confused by part (c). A MASSIVE amount of unnecessary text seems to complicate the question and the chemistry much more than required, but this is what the TDC/CB does these days. They want “storytime” context, and “real life situations”. Get ready for more of this nonsense.

I think that there is the possibility of DIFFERENT answers to mine scoring full credit! Maybe…

Question 6

Nothing to add.

Question 7

Nothing to add.





Test Corrections! If you got below a 70 on the test, don't worry! You can still bring your test grade up to a 70. Exam Corrections: Unit 1 have been posted in Quest. Here's how they work:
  • If your initial grade was 60-69: Complete the Quest Corrections assignment (yes, all of it). This will raise your test grade to a 70 (or to your score on the Quest assignment, if you get less than 70% on it)
  • If your initial grade was less than 60: Complete the Quest Corrections assignment (yes, all of it). This is your ticket to the retake. The retest can be done during tutorials in the testing room of the day. You only get one shot at the retake, so make it count.

Quest Redemption! If you did not/have not performed as you would have liked on the Unit 1 Part 1 Quest assignment, never fear! There is a new assignment up on Quest titled "LATE TURN IN HW Unit 1 Part 1." If you complete this assignment (and I mean answer every, single question) with a grade of 70 or better, your Unit 1 Part 1 grade will be raised to a 70. Happy Questing!

A-Day - As I said this, we've got some ground to make up and we did not get there today. I'm sorry, but that means y'all are going to have a bit of weekend homework. (First period, I'm especially sorry that this is the first you're hearing of it.) I need you to watch the lecture video for Physical and Chemical Changes and Properties of Matter before coming to class on Wednesday. The QR code on page 21 will take you to the video, or you can use this link. These notes cover pages 21-22 of your Unit 1 booklet. Please fill out the notes as you go through the video. ALSO, your first Quest assignment has been put online. Go to the Links and Resources page, and follow the directions for joining Quest. Your assignment will be due next Friday, but start working on it now so that you have plenty of time. 

To recap:
  • Watch video
  • Fill in notes
  • Join Quest
  • Start Quest assignment

Syllabus and Grading Policy


Unit Specifics


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