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An Analysis Of The Movie, Blood Diamond

The movie "Blood Diamond" was released in 2006 and featured Leonardo Di Caprio as an arms smuggler whose main goal is to obtain a seemingly priceless diamond from a villager during the civil war in Sierra Leone. The film, although it has been called mild in comparison to reality, depicts the brutality that inhabitants of diamond villages were subjected to. The film was nominated for five Academy Awards, and won numerous other awards.
The film marker is trying to raise awareness of the illicit conflict diamond trade and reinforcing the Kimberley process1 and showing how it will stem the flow of conflict diamonds. This is successful mainly due to the public outburst after the movie. The great impact of the movie has caused diamond companies like De Beers2 to start a pre-emptive PR (public relationship) campaign, even before the movie was released to inform people that their diamonds are conflict-free.
The director serves to put RUF3 in bad light and condemning them of their actions. He wants to give the audience the perception that RUF is a terrorist group, by showing their acts of violence and brutality. For example, one scene depicted a slave who was killed by Colonel Poison of RUF for stealing one of his diamonds. The RUF wrongly justify the killing by saying that they are the ones who grant them freedom from colonialism (from the whites) and thus the people should support their actions by helping them to mine for diamonds. Hence, he hopes that no one will support RUF by deeming the group as morally and socially unjustifiable. Perhaps he should show some scene in the movie of RUF forces rescuing the people from captivity, poverty and hunger. This makes the movie neutral for better conclusions to be made about the RUF. Also, he highlights the fact that many of the government-based international organizations like UNICEF do not really work towards curing the situation. He also is trying to show us that the people at Van De Kaap are not truly trying to solve the problem. Instead they are aggravating the situation.
The filmmaker aims to discourage racism and show that both blacks and whites can work together to solve various problems. In the movie, Danny Archer had been forced to work together with Solomon Vandy, but they grew in terms of mutual understanding even though they had different purposes for finding the diamond (Danny- profit, Solomon- to find family). From our research, cooperation among Africans is needed to effectively solve the flow of conflict diamonds. An African Union was set up to speak on behalf of the African nations. Discouraging racism will always be important in Singapore not only because the local population consists of many different races, but also because of the apparent pro-Bumiputra policies which have drawn flak from some racial communities in Malaysia.
Besides, the filmmaker wants to show how an ineffective government can lead to suffering of its citizens. In the movie, Free Town4 fell into the...

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A movie filled with shark and unforgettable moments truly gels the substance. It portrays different motives and goals and how each character changes his methodology and ways but the dream remains the same. Each follows his dream and then realizes it. It portrays the various reasons that make a person into a killer. Some do it for survival, some to protect their family, some to escape their life, some for greed, some to win freedom and some because they have been brainwashed.

The movie begins with Soloman Vandy played by Djimon Hounson being captured by the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels when they invade the small Sierra Leonian village of Shenge. He is separated from his family while his son Dia is brainwashed that turns him into a killer. The movie revolves around two African men, Archer and Vandy with two completely different histories and then their fates become joined in a combined quest to recover a pink diamond.

Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio), an Anglo ex-mercenary from Rhodesia gets caught while smuggling diamonds and an American journalist Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly) who helps Soloman find his family and covers her entire journey and publishes the truth behind the diamond industry. The movie shot in South Africa and Mozambique is an adventurous, thriller movie with strong violence and social conscience, disturbing political and sociological insights. It shows a lot of bloodbath, atrocities, innocence of the farmers and the villagers and political unrest.

It gives clear images of human cruelty and sufferings. I as an audience felt waves of different emotions, hope, pride, fear, mistrust, desperation and determination. I felt that each of the characters grew as the film progressed without being overly manipulative. The whole time it builds this tension if either of the two men will betray each other. The film is intended to be watched by all adults as it is an eye opener and gives us an opportunity to see the side of history we were not aware of.

It covers the different social levels ranging from the big diamond tycoons to the poor farmers and villagers with journalist and diamond dealers in the middle. The movie brought an explosive impact on the diamond industry. Background knowledge The film puts a new spin to the diamond industry and the expensive, pricey stone that we wear around our neck and on our fingers. Set in the West African country of Sierra Leone during the 1990s, this movie is a historical-adventure-drama that covers a time when the country was in turmoil.

Warlords, smugglers and the diamond association all play roles in killing and enslaving men to work on the diamond fields. The title ‘Blood Diamond’ refers to diamonds which are harvested, smuggled and traded to fund the purchase of weapons used in Civil War. Blood diamonds are stones that are increased the death toll and the violence in the region. The movie carefully conveys the message without really lecturing the audience. A right balance is maintained between a historical event and an action-drama entertainment.

The movie shows Maddy Bowen publishing in her magazine the complete story of her journey which later led to a conference on blood diamonds that actually took place in 2000 in Kimberly, South Africa. The conference led to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme that seeks to certify the origin of diamonds in order to curb the trade and smuggling of conflict diamonds. Conclusion A captivating plotline and an outstanding cast performance are few words that describe the movie. The movie captures the reality to a remarkable degree. I think it comes at par with other movies I have seen like Hotel Rwanda.

There is a great deal of violence which is realistic and very fitting to what happened. Sierra Leone, one of the safest countries in the world gets involved in a civil war. I feel that the movie very accurately tells about the diamond conflict. I feel that Di Caprio did justice to his role, Connelly’s role was short but she was able to make the most of it and Housou truly deserves the Oscar. The ending was simply superb when Di Caprio dies in the mountains. It adds a realistic touch and is very sad as we see that he finally gets what he had dreamt of but he could not cherish it for long.

The positive aspects of the movie far outweigh the negative bits. I felt the movie was a little outstretched and the length bogged it down a little instead of strengthening it. The conflict of diamonds, the conflict of Africa keeps you wondering if peace and harmony can ever be attained world wide. It left me with a thought of how violence can be put to an end and how these giant corporations be made to serve the third world, under developed countries and not vice versa. Reference http://www. moviehabit. com/reviews/blo_lg06. shtml http://review-online. blogspot. com/2007/03/blood-diamond. html


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