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I applied in-person. I interviewed at CVS Health in January 2018.


Arrived ten minutes early, was told by the manager that he “called everyone to cancel”. I politely stated that I did not bring my phone in, as it was unprofessional. He was in gym clothes, and decided to interview me anyways. Never asked an interview questions and said my chances would be hindered due to only first shift. He proceeded to tell me I was “over dressed” (I was wearing nice pants and a dress shirt) which i responded by telling him that a good first impression and professionalism matter, and then told me, “you’re capable of doing the job”. Probably the most unprofessional interview I have ever had. If I don’t get a call back I’d be happy. I can’t work for a company that employs people who don’t live up to their obligations, and are unable to provide a safe, professional environment for everyone. Oh, and he never called me to cancel, by the way. So there’s that.

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CVS Health 2018-02-28 07:26 PST
sraymnd17 in Beachwood, Ohio said: I interviewed with CVS Caremark on 7/11/2017 and today is 8/8/2017 and still have not heard anything, i have not received a turn down letter from them yet and everytime i try to reach out to my recruiter she never respond. Hmmm does this sound like im not hired?

If it has been almost a month, it does not sound good. I had an interview 9 days ago, completed all of my paperwork online, as requested, and I am still in the "pending" phase. I am not going to wait much longer as I cannot afford to, but CVS sounds like it is notorious for keeping people in the dark and not having the decency to tell them straight out that they're retracting any job "offer" they might have made you. Meaning, you probably will not get a "turn down" letter. You most likely won't receive any notification. If they have not contacted you with instructions on paperwork and possibly a drug test prior to orientation, it's safe to assume you did not get the job. They're just too ignorant to contact you and tell you that. I know getting a hold of MY hiring agent has been a nightmare. I have waited days for a single response, and when it came, it was literally one sentence long: "You're pending". Great, what am I supposed to do in the mean time? I think they should pay people for the length of time they're waiting as the person probably could've had a job while they were waiting for CVS to make up their mind. Don't put your eggs in one basket with them. They have no clue what they want. I'm going to start looking elsewhere. You probably already have, but if not, definitely do so. Best of luck to you!

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