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Chapter-1 Education on Family
I Concept of Family Life
II Family Life Education – Concept and Meaning
III Importance of Family Life Education
IV Role of Home, School and Religion in Imparting Family Life Education
V Development of Personality and Moral Values in Life
Chapter-2 Life Skill Education
I Basic Concepts in Life Skill Education
II Understanding Man and Woman
III Life Skill Education: Concept and Objectives
IV Life Skill Education: Role of Home, School and Media
Chapter-3 Process of Growing Up
I Male Reproductive System and Functioning
II Female Reproductive System and Functioning
III Early Stages of Human Growth: Biological, Social, Psychological
and Developmental Aspects
IV Later Stages of Human Growth: Biological, Social, Psychological
and Developmental Aspects
V Youth and their Concerns
Chapter-4 Social Institution of Marriage
I Marriage and Family: Choosing of Life Partner
II Marriage in India
III Society, Culture, Religion and Family Values
IV Marital Life and Role Expectations
Chapter-5 Policies and Programme for Family Welfare
I Indian Family in Transition
II Family Planning Policies
III Family Planning Methods and Spacing between Live Births
IV Medical Termination of Pregnancy and Issues Associated with It
Chapter-6 Major Problems in Marital Life
I Psycho-Social Effects of Divorce, Separation and Migration
II Dowry Demands and Dowry Deaths
III Legal Issues Involved in Marriage
Question Papers
1. Solution December: 2011
2. Solution June: 2012
3. Solution December: 2012
4. Solution June: 2013
5. Solution December: 2013

BSWE-004 Introduction to Family Life Education
Rs. 160 (Minimum Discount 40%)
and Postage Charges Extra
No. of pages: 274
Author: GPH Panel of Experts
ISBN: 978-93-82688-65-5

BSWE-004 Introduction to Family Life Education in Hindi Medium
Rs. 160 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra
No. of pages: 268
Author: GPH Panel of Experts
ISBN: 978-93-82688-61-7


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IGNOU BDP Assignments July 2016 – January 2017 – Download IGNOU BDP 2016-2017 session assignment question. Prepare/ write solution of it and submitting it to IGNOU BDP Study Centre. Candidates have to compulsory download those assignments to get permit of attending Term End Exam of IGNOU BDP Programme.

After downloading, you got each course assignments of your BDP programme. You have to create separate assignments for each course. Do not mix every course in one assignment.

Programme Code: BDP

Programme Name: Bachelors Degree Programme

Session: July 2016 and January 2017

IGNOU BDP New Assignments Arrived 2017-2018Latest Session

Old Assignments of previous session:

Philosophy: (July 2016-January 2017)

Law Courses (Hindi and English): (2017)

Each question has different marking which you can see after download BDP Assignments. Candidates have to write solution for all questions which written in BDP assignments. BDP Students have to submit each course assignments in which they get registered. You have to submit it before last date to appear in Term End Exam.

BDP Assignments submission Dates:

For July 2016 session: 31st March 2017

For January 2017 session: 30th September 2017

Where to submit BDP Assignments?

After completion of writing assignments, candidates have to submit their IGNOU Assignments to coordinator of study centre which allotted to you at the time of admission. And get receipt for submission of BDP Assignments.


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