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Joe Sugg has his A-level media studies teacher to thank for his first book, or graphic novel, Username: Evie.

"I was making a trailer for a dystopian/apocalyptic film trailer thing," he told the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw.

His teacher lent him a graphic novel.

"Normally I always leave [homework] to the last minute, but this project I really enjoyed. I did extra homework and invented a graphic novel front cover and that's how it all began."

Username: Evie is about a girl who wants to escape reality - and gets the opportunity via an app her dad has built.

The vlogger worked with an illustrator and a writer on the book.

He's been interested in comics from a young age: "I was obsessed with the Beano and the Dandy, those comic books."

But is his book a comic or a graphic novel?

"You can say comic but I call it a graphic novel. When I announced it, everyone was like, 'What? You're making a graphic novel - that sounds really, really rude.' I was like, 'No, trust me it's not!'"

Joe had his first book signing on Sunday.

"It was in the Emirates Stadium. It was crazy."

He admitted he doesn't get on well with permanent marker pens.

"I always end up with it all over my hands. I was like a toddler eating a yogurt - it was everywhere."

Joe seems to have mastered how to get as many signatures done as possible.

"I used to write out ThatcherJoe but I realised that's quite long to write out so now I've invented a new one which is a J and a S linked up.

"I always like to check there's a nice smooth table so when they slide the book in I start doing the J.

"I think I'm one of the fastest signers."

Joe's sister Zoella released her first book last year and it sold 78,000 copies in the first week, making it the fastest-selling debut novel.

But Joe says she didn't give him any specific advice.

"She gives me more tips just on like general stuff, like how not to be a plonker," he joked.

"I'm the one in the family that's a bit sort of... not all there," Joe laughed. "She helps me with everything, really."

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