Deliverers Assignment Crossword



There are 15 rows and 15 columns, with 0 circles, 0 rebus squares, and 2 cheater squares (marked with "+" in the colorized grid below.)

The grid uses 20 of 26 letters, missing FJQVXZ.

It has normal 180-degree rotational crossword symmetry.

Average word length: 5.42, Scrabble score: 287, Scrabble average: 1.47.

Puzzle has 7 fill-in-the-blank clues and 0 cross-reference clues.

This puzzle has 2 unique answer words.


It has 0 words that debuted in this puzzle and were later reused:

These words are unique to the Shortz Era but have appeared in pre-Shortz puzzles:


These 38 answer words are not legal Scrabble™ entries, which sometimes means they are interesting:


Day of week comparisons

The green highlighted squares show which daily puzzle average is closest to this puzzle for each statistical category.

Distribution of answer words by length

Letter distribution

Scrabble Score: 12345810

Thumbnails for 5/12/2017

Various thumbnail views are shown:

  • Standard view shows the grid pattern most clearly
  • Open Squares (those which don't touch any block, even diagonally) are blue
  • Vowel distribution
  • Scrabble score uses the same color key as above
  • Freshness view shows unique answers in red (see colorized grid below)

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Colorized grid

The next two sections attempt to show how fresh the grid entries are.

In this view, unusual answers are colored depending on how often they have appeared in other puzzles.
Unique answers are in red, red overwrites orange which overwrites yellow, etc.

Cheater squares are indicated with a + sign.

Unique1 other2 others3 others4 others

Freshness Factor

FF: 56.8 – 84.0 percentile, 57.5 Friday percentile

Freshness Factor is a calculation that compares the number of times words in this puzzle have appeared in other Shortz Era puzzles.
Click here for an explanation.

The chart below shows how many times each word has been used across all NYT puzzles, old and modern including Variety.

B & B
B & B patron
B & B's
B & B, e.g.
B & W film shower
B and B
B and O figures: Abbr.
B and O, for presidents #
B another way
B complex vitamin
B flat's equivalent
B flat, enharmonically
B or B+, say
B or better
B or C, but not A or D: A
B team
B train?
B vitamin
B westerns
B&B, e.g.
B&O and Reading: Abbr.
B&O and Short Line: Abbr.
B'nai B'rith watchdog org
B'way booth in Times Squa
B'way buys
B'way hit sign
B'way hit signs
B'way hits
B'way notice
B'way posting
B'way producer's favorite
B'way role for Robert Mor
B'way sellout sign
B'way showing
B'way sign
B'way success sign
B'way's "Les ___"
B+ or C-, e.g.
B, A, D, G and E, e.g.
B, basically
B, C or D, at a shoe stor
B, essentially
B-1 insignia
B-1 letters
B-2 letters
B-2 or B-52
B-52 org.
B-52, e.g.
B-ball official
B-ball player
B-ball sites
B-school entrance exam
B-school subj.
B. & B.'s
B. & O. and others
B. & O. and Reading: Abbr
B. & O. Railroad neighbor
B. & O. stop: Abbr.
B. A. Baracus portrayer o
B. A. Baracus's group
B. B.'s bag
B.&O. and Reading, e.g.:
B.&O. et al.
B.&O. stop
B.&O. stops
B.A. and B.S., e.g.
B.A. or M.A. offerer
B.A. or Ph.D.
B.C. eulogist
B.C. Judean king
B.C. neighbor
B.L.T. base
B.L.T. ingredient
B.L.T., e.g.
B.M.I. alternative
B.M.I. rival
B.M.O.C.'s, often
B.M.O.C., e.g.
B.O. buys
B.O. posting
B.O. purchases
B.O. sign
B.P.O.E. cousin
B.S., e.g.
B.T.U. producers
BA or AF plane
Ba preceder
Baa-aad mother?
Baal, e.g.
Baath party place
Baba and others
Baba ingredient
Baba Looey was his deputy
Baba ___ (Radner characte
Baba ___, Gilda Radner "S
Babar's queen
Babar's wife
Babas and babkas
Babbitt's home town
Babble incoherently?
Babble on
Babbling water
Babe and Baby
Babe and others
Babe finally tucked up in manger rocked by extremely impressive collection of animals
Babe in a maternity ward
Babe in the stable
Babe in the woods
BABE MAGNET. Very tall, r
Babe perhaps given comparatively little? That's cruel
Babe Ruth's "sultanate"
Babe Ruth's middle name
Babe Ruth's was retired
Babe Ruth, for the Yankee
Babe Ruth, in 1914
Babe Ruth, on the Yankees
Babe Ruth?
Babe with a bat
Babe's abode
Babe's name
Babe's sound
Babe, so to speak
Babe-in-arms alternative?
Babes in the woods
Babies want to hold a pen for instance
Babka need
Baby baby?
Baby bassoon?
Baby bateleur
Baby beagle
Baby bear
Baby bear reconnoiterers?
Baby beaver
Baby beef
Baby beef?
Baby Bell competitor
Baby bird
Baby bird born under illegally occupied building with no foundation
Baby bird vegetables?
Baby bird's sound
Baby bird?
Baby birds
Baby bloomer?
Baby blossom
Baby blues
Baby boomers' kids, infor
Baby boomers, some say
Baby bottle
Baby bottle contents
Baby bottle topper
Baby bottle tops
Baby bottle?
Baby bottles
Baby bottom cleaner
Baby bouncer
Baby boxer, e.g.
Baby boy, he plays with nun
Baby branch
Baby brother, often
Baby bug
Baby buggy
Baby buggy, to Brits
Baby buggy?
Baby cake
Baby caretaker
Baby carriage
Baby carrier
Baby carrier brand
Baby carrier?
Baby deer
Baby deliverer
Baby deliverers, in birth
Baby delivery method
Baby docs, briefly
Baby dog
Baby doll's cry
Baby elephant
Baby food
Baby food (whose name is
Baby fowl don't grow on t
Baby fox carriers?
Baby girls may be dressed
Baby goat siblings?
Baby goats
Baby grand, e.g.
Baby grands, e.g.
Baby grub producer
Baby holder
Baby hooter
Baby in wool?
Baby kangaroo
Baby kangaroo's nickname
Baby kangaroos
Baby moose movers?
Baby Moses was hidden amo
Baby naming, e.g.
Baby newts
Baby oil brand
Baby on a cliff
Baby powder ingredient
Baby powder mineral
Baby problem?
Baby Ruth ingredient
Baby screecher
Baby seat, say
Baby seat?
Baby sheep
Baby shower attendees, of
Baby shower gift
Baby shower?
Baby showers?
Baby sitter's bane
Baby sitter's banes
Baby sitter's nightmare
Baby sounds
Baby spoiler, perhaps
Baby syllable
Baby taking a bow?
Baby talk
Baby talk "words"
Baby train?
Baby transporter
Baby tree
Baby twins?
Baby whale
Baby with an Italian mother?
Baby ___
Baby ___ (tender vegetabl
Baby’s bed
Baby’s footwear
Baby’s toy
Baby’s toy to unnerve
Baby's "piggies"
Baby's "piggy"
Baby's affliction
Baby's bawl
Baby's beach necessity
Baby's bed
Baby's biscuit
Baby's bottle mouthpiece
Baby's cry
Baby's dinner wear
Baby's early word
Baby's first word
Baby's first word, in Ita
Baby's first word, maybe
Baby's headgear
Baby's mealtime garment
Baby's mind, e.g.
Baby's noisemaker
Baby's pacifier
Baby's pastime
Baby's problem
Baby's quiet times
Baby's ring
Baby's room
Baby's seat
Baby's tie-on
Baby's toy
Baby's wail
Baby's woe
Baby's word
Baby, at times
Baby-bouncing locale
Baby-bouncing place
Baby-like advance
Baby-sitter's headache
Babycare facility
Babylon's land
Babylon's site, today
Babylonian love goddess
Babysitter's bane
Babysitter's handful
Babysitter's headache
Babysitters' charges
Bacall's love
Bacardi concoction, perha
Bacardi, e.g.
Baccarat alternative
Bacchanalian activity
Bacchanalian blast
Bacchanalian event
Bacchanalian revelry
Bacchus attendant
Bacchus, notably
Bach composition
Bach contemporary
Bach instrument
Bach offering
Bach piece
Bach work
Bach wrote a concerto in
Bach wrote over 200 of th
Bach's "Air ___ G String"
Bach's "Mass in ___"
Bach's "Mass ___ Minor"
Bach's "Pilgrimage," for
Bach's "___, Joy of Man's
Bach's Brandenburgs, e.g.
Bach's Mass ___ Minor
Bach, Beethoven and Brahm
Bach, Beethoven or Mozart?
Bacheller's "___ Holden"
Bachelor attending quiet party
Bachelor backing what you do, free of guilt
Bachelor can go to McDonalds, it's opened
Bachelor cooked heroic roll
Bachelor flat from here one may observe
Bachelor in Wilde's "The
Bachelor leaving food in study
Bachelor lounged around club
Bachelor of ___
Bachelor on country walks gathers blackberries
Bachelor pad amenity
Bachelor pads, stereotypi
Bachelor party
Bachelor party entertainm
Bachelor pulsating with energy in domestic garment?
Bachelor tucked into grub - it's probably automatic
Bachelor wanting commission returned makes complaint
Bachelor's area
Bachelor's area, perhaps
Bachelor's counterpart
Bachelor's end?
Bachelor's lack
Bachelor's last words
Bachelor's last words?
Bachelor, reckless, insolent
Bachelorette party attend
Bachelors, e.g.
Bacillus shape
Bacillus shapes
Back 'Arry's filly perhaps after tip
Back 40 unit
Back 40 units
Back after a big shock
Back again
Back aim to take heroin out of hospital
Back and forth (hyph.)
Back at sea
Back at sea?
Back at the track
Back away from crazy American place
Back away from place to see better star
Back biter
Back biter?
Back biters
Back blocker
Back bones
Back burner?
Back Companion of Honour over warning colour in House of Lords perhaps
Back complaint
Back continental way: tolerant, embracing a unionist
Back cunning Irish to defend against cross
Back doctor who plays follow-my-leader?
Back doors
Back end
Back following a style
Back forty's forty
Back from boating
Back from boating?
Back from dreamland
Back from flying
Back from market with a shaggy ox or bull
Back from now
Back from the dead, maybe
Back from travel after success in exam
Back from vacation, say
Back home from what accommodates those cautioned VIPs
Back in
Back in business
Back in Derbyshire on Snake Pass?
Back in school cafe finally, really fancied horse meat
Back in the day, illuminate Northern Line in 8
Back in time
Back in trousers with ecstasy, cunning ferret
Back in?
Back into a corner
Back last nag, not the first
Back lot lot
Back muscle, briefly
Back muscle, familiarly
Back muscle, for short
Back muscle, in short
Back muscles, for short
Back of a boat
Back of a leaf
Back of a soccer goal
Back of car missing special sticker?
Back of front?
Back of the boat
Back of the foot
Back of the head
Back of the neck
Back of the thigh
Back of wrist held in interpretation of rumba with wide lift
Back off
Back on board
Back on street, temperature below zero
Back on the briny
Back on the high seas
Back on the ranch?
Back order?
Back out
Back out (on)
Back out?
Back pack?
Back peacekeepers to abandon a further appearance
Back plan's no good - upsetting and painful
Back pocket liquor bottle
Back porch luxury
Back problem
Back problem the source of red swelling
Back scrubber
Back scrubber turning a trick
Back seat driver, e.g.
Back section of seats
Back showing no leniency
Back slap?
Back south of Croatian resort for a very short time
Back stabber
Back street
Back street prowler
Back streets
Back talk
Back talk, slangily
Back talk, to one prophet
Back talk?
Back then
Back then, back when
Back to back
Back to back: Fr.
Back to being friends aga
Back to front
Back to the start
Back to welcome tragic hero
Back to zero, perhaps
Back to zero, say
Back together, for now
Back tooth
Back Tory moderates in a pickle
Back troops into public space
Back university person who studies 22
Back up
Back up a backup
Back up again, as a disk
Back up: Var.
Back up?
Back way
Back with bread
Back, as a racehorse
Back, at the track
Back, bottom or side but not centre
Back, having secured extremely portable farm machine
Back, in a way
Back, in time
Back-and-forth, for short
Back-baring top
Back-breaking bit of labour makes you depressed
Back-country winter trans
Back-draught of a wave
Back-of-airline magazine
Back-of-book feature
Back-of-the-book list
Back-office work
Back-pocket bulge
Back-room cigar smokers,
Back-to-back action?
Back-to-back awards for H
Back-to-back leaks and rumours
Back-to-back winner to coach Hungary
Back-to-back, in France
Back-to-sch. time
Back-to-sch. times
Back-to-school mo.
Back-to-school mos.
Back-to-school time: Abbr
Back-to-the-slammer order
Back-to-work time: Abbr.
Back: Fr.
Back: Prefix
Backboard attachment
Backbone segment
Backbone shown by South-East Asian
Backcombed nap possibly comes off in layers
Backdrop for carolers?
Backdrop for D. H. Lawren
Backdrop for many a Winte
Backdrop for many singles
Backed (away from)
Backed at high price to cover kilometres on a slope
Backed bench
Backed favourite vainly, lacking enthusiasm
Backed poetry penned by radical
Backed up
Backed up on disk
Backed, in a way
Backer of a losing cause
Backer of Columbus
Backer of women's lib regretted trapping rodents
Backer told of cat's spirit
Backer's word
Backers and bankers
Backfire banged endlessly and resounded
Backfire sound
Backgammon equipment
Backgammon impossibility
Backgammon pair
Backgammon piece
Backgammon playing piece
Background check for a le
Background for "Dragnet"
Background music played in public places
Background noise
Background of roses, iris
Background of Vladimir Pu
Background program put on, covering one the writer rejected
Background sound in a sto
Backhand or forehand, e.g
Backing down hollow
Backing fixed to an iPod
Backing for an exhibit
Backing for cutting mine’s financial yields
Backing for each swimmer in disgrace
Backing for plasterwork
Backing musical about Sting, in vain
Backing of non-professionals by very large 21
Backing strip
Backing vocal?
Backing: Var.
Backless footwear
Backless furniture
Backless seat
Backless slipper
Backless sofa
Backpack alternative
Backpack fill
Backpack item, maybe
Backpack snack
Backpackers' gear
Backpacking sort
Backpedaler's words
Backrub response
Backs of 45's having a su
Backs of boats
Backs of hit singles
Backs of the thighs
Backs small numbers to receive mercy
Backs the last runners, not the first
Backs up another time, as
Backs, anatomically
Backs, in a way
Backseat driver, e.g.
Backside, slangily
Backslide, medically
Backspace over text
Backspace through
Backspin or topspin
Backsplash unit
Backstabbing ally with one "Sod off!"
Backstage bunch
Backstreet Boys fan, mayb
Backtrack on, as a rug
Backup cause
Backup help
Backup means for gaining
Backup singer for Gladys
Backup singer's syllable
Backup singers, often
Backups for backups
Backward country's government relinquished control
Backward regions taking off, though lacking some support
Backward view
Backward-looking style
Backward-looking VIP I confront
Backward-moving basketbal
Backwash creator
Backwater, with "the"
Backwoods address abbr.
Backwoods assent
Backwoods mother
Backwoods possessive
Backwoods pro?
Backwoods relative
Backwoods sibs
Backwoods valleys
Backyard apparatus for ki
Backyard briquettes
Backyard buildings
Backyard game
Backyard item
Backyard Jul. 4 event
Backyard party spot
Backyard party, for short
Backyard pond fish
Backyard sight
Bacon accompanier
Bacon amount
Bacon and mash dished up - something for the traveller
Bacon and others
Bacon bit
Bacon bits
Bacon feature
Bacon for one table, in haze, gets mixed up
Bacon or Lamb product
Bacon orders
Bacon piece
Bacon portion
Bacon product
Bacon runoff
Bacon serving
Bacon servings
Bacon sizzle
Bacon units
Bacteria associated with food poisoning
Bacteria-inhibiting drug
Bacterial toxin
Bacteriologist Salk
Bacteriologist's base
Bacteriologist's study
Bacterium gets bought, we're told, or gametes
Bacterium that doesn't ne
Bacterium that needs oxyg
Bad actor
Bad actor in car travelling north for holiday destination
Bad actor's philosophy?
Bad actors
Bad atmosphere
Bad audience response
Bad bacteria
Bad beginning
Bad beginning?
Bad behavior
Bad bill collector?
Bad bit of planning
Bad blood
Bad blood in Beijing?
Bad boy's crimes affected social worker
Bad breath
Bad breath cause, maybe
Bad business partner
Bad career move
Bad child's stocking fill
Bad choice to bet on
Bad coffee klatches?
Bad coffee, informally
Bad combustion
Bad company?
Bad connection, say
Bad cut
Bad dancer's handicap
Bad date, perhaps
Bad day for Caesar
Bad day's record for a ba
Bad deeds
Bad dive
Bad dog
Bad economic news
Bad egg, Albert partially retired and scrounged
Bad Ems, e.g.
Bad enamel breaking up is open to being put right
Bad end
Bad etiquette at the dinn
Bad exchange
Bad feeling
Bad feeling caused by tip of instrument left in stomach
Bad feeling in one's gut?
Bad feeling?
Bad fire at development
Bad firecracker
Bad for everyone in butcher's whichever way we look
Bad from the start?
Bad golf drives
Bad grade
Bad grades
Bad guy
Bad guy infiltrating government agency reveals bug
Bad guys
Bad habit
Bad habit in which Tom gets dressed as a French aristocrat
Bad habit, so to speak
Bad habits
Bad hair day problem
Bad hairdo
Bad headache from one rye, perhaps, consumed by me
Bad houseguest
Bad humorist's question
Bad idea, beginning to interview Trump in warm bathroom
Bad ignition?
Bad impression?
Bad impressions?
Bad injury for a runner
Bad lands?
Bad lighting?
Bad look
Bad looks
Bad losers
Bad lover?
Bad luck cause
Bad luck loves to follow gangster
Bad luck!
Bad luck, old-style
Bad manners
Bad mark
Bad mark on one's reputat
Bad mark?
Bad marks
Bad marks gotten in high
Bad marks in high school,
Bad marks?
Bad match result?
Bad mood
Bad mood: time after time an odd hissy fit
Bad moods
Bad move
Bad news
Bad news for a bookie
Bad news for a crop farme
Bad news for a taxpayer
Bad news for the king
Bad news from a credit ca
Bad news on Wall Street
Bad off, after "up"
Bad painting featuring Northern European river
Bad party guest
Bad photo
Bad photo of a shoelace p
Bad place for a splint
Bad place for the modest
Bad place to build?
Bad place to drop a heavy
Bad place to find shells
Bad place to live when th
Bad place to swim
Bad poetry on poster, perhaps
Bad postures
Bad pun response
Bad quotes recalled, including one from Plato
Bad reception
Bad reception?
Bad record, e.g.
Bad record, for short
Bad reputation of Rio not yet dispelled
Bad result beginning to rock one taking stock
Bad result for part of Ireland
Bad reviews
Bad sailor losing his head, gets angry
Bad season, perhaps
Bad service left expat gutted
Bad setting
Bad sex perverse writer's included
Bad shoes to run in
Bad shot
Bad situation
Bad smell
Bad smell surrounding couple (including boy) producing pollution
Bad social network site abroad - and that's definite
Bad soldier stops officer in charge retiring - it doesn't make sense
Bad sort of accent British dropped
Bad sound at a campaign r
Bad sound for a balloonis
Bad source of liquor should have stone removed
Bad spelling?
Bad spells?
Bad spirit permissible - it goes without saying
Bad spirits
Bad sport
Bad spot for a nail
Bad spots
Bad spots for a date
Bad spots?
Bad start?
Bad straits
Bad stroke
Bad stroke in snooker
Bad stuff to microwave
Bad swing
Bad tads
Bad team squeezes 1-0 with United
Bad temper
Bad tempered
Bad thing to be in
Bad thing to be over
Bad thing to be under
Bad thing to bear
Bad thing to blow
Bad thing to break
Bad thing to drive into
Bad thing to get from you
Bad thing to get stuck in
Bad thing to give away
Bad thing to have on one'
Bad thing to have pulled
Bad thing to have showing
Bad thing to hear at a ch
Bad thing to invoke
Bad thing to make a decis
Bad things
Bad things to give away
Bad things to share
Bad throw, e.g.
Bad throws, e.g.
Bad time for a tropical v
Bad time for Caesar
Bad time for lunatics?
Bad to defend dithering over Poins being vague
Bad to the bone
Bad traffic accident
Bad trait for a politicia
Bad traits for conductors
Bad treatment
Bad vibration?
Bad way for a ship to be
Bad way to be caught
Bad way to be held by a j
Bad way to carry somethin
Bad way to go
Bad way to go?
Bad way to run
Bad weather portent
Bad weather: hurried to shelter one
Bad whiff
Bad winner's response
Bad witch, e.g.
Bad witness
Bad words
Bad ___ (German spa)
Bad ___ (Lower Saxony cit
Bad ___, German resort
Bad ___, Mich. (seat of H
Bad, as a prognosis
Bad, as a tennis shot
Bad, as weather
Bad, for good
Bad, in Bogot
Bad-tempered and sulky
Bad-tempered mare's last to leave, no doubt
Bad-tempered, unfriendly
Bad-weather gear
Bad: Prefix
Baddie having a brief time in wicked place?
Baddie in Perrault's tale
Baden-Baden or
Baden-Baden, for one
Badge awarder: Abbr.
Badge distributor: Abbr.
Badge flasher: Abbr.
Badge holder
Badge holder: Abbr.
Badge issuer, for short
Badge material
Badge of battle
Badge wearer
Badger a prince
Badger in range occasionally
Badger runs repeatedly into grass
Badger starts to chase Himalayan climber
Badger's burrow
Badges, e.g., in brief
Badlands feature
Badlands formation
Badlands formations
Badlands landform
Badlands locale: Abbr.
Badlands Natl. Park local
Badlands Natl. Park's sta
Badlands sight
Badlands sights
Badlands state: Abbr.
Badly agitated, with "up"
Badly behaved child
Badly bruised
Badly bruised president?
Badly chafed
Badly chapped
Badly claw
Badly coiffured politician flipped two days in - bodyguard screened
Badly garble a calculation with symbols
Badly lit
Badly made
Badly need a key to one way of looking at things
Badly organised, intermittently arrange children’s game
Badly run regiment's rule-breaking
Badly scheduled
Badly set university course, that's plain
Badly slandered
Badly translated old manual so eccentric
Badly treated
Badly want guard patrols very involved
Badly, at first
Badly-behaved child
Badly-dressed seafood stuffed with cut of meat
Badly-off American city flooded by rising river
Badminton call
Badminton court divider
Badminton dinks
Badminton goal
Badminton replay
Badminton, say, for the long weekend?
Baedeker of the Baedeker
Baffin Bay hazard
Baffin Bay sights
Baffin Islander
Baffle with incomplete limb
Bag about to wrap around one support, showing disrespect
Bag brand
Bag carrier
Bag ferret beside bay maybe
Bag first of Pokémon - that hurt!
Bag for instance
Bag from fringes of Carnaby Street
Bag handler
Bag handles
Bag holder
Bag holders
Bag in a closet
Bag in a trunk
Bag lady?
Bag lunch eater?
Bag material
Bag of chips, maybe
Bag of chips, say
Bag of clubs? Action follows
Bag of tricks
Bag thickness
Bag with handles
Bag, in brand names
Bagasse base, maybe
Bagel centers
Bagel choice
Bagel choices
Bagel filler
Bagel flavor
Bagel or bialy
Bagel order
Bagel purveyors
Bagel request
Bagel shop order
Bagel shop request
Bagel store offering
Bagel stuffer
Bagel topper
Bagel toppers
Bagel topping
Bagel type
Bagel variety
Bagel warmer
Bagels, e.g.
Bagels, essentially
Bagful on the pitcher's m
Baggage handler
Baggie biggie
Baggie binders
Baggins portrayer in "The
Baggy sports trousers
Baghdad native
Baghdad Pact predecessor:
Baghdad resident
Baghdad's home
Baghdad's land
Baghdad's ___ City
Baglike structure
Bagmate for a steelie
Bagnell Dam river
Bagnold and others
Bagnold, Blyton, Markey,
Bagpipe part
Bagpipe, e.g.
Bagpiper's wear
Bags not put in the hold
Bags of diamonds
Bags of gentlemen actors in play
Baguette, for one
Bahai's birthplace
Bahamas' capital
Bahamian capital
Bahrain bigwig
Bahrain power?
Bahraini bigwig
Bahraini bigwig: Var.
Bahraini V.I.P.
Bahraini V.I.P.'s: Var.
Bahraini, e.g.
Bail out
Bail out of special cage
Bailed out
Bailed out, in a manner o
Bailed-out co. in the new
Bailed-out insurance co.
Bailed-out insurance co.
Bailer's need
Bailey bridge material
Bailey's bailiwick
Bailiff's about late in the day
Bailiff's concern
Bailiff's execution
Bailiwick of TV's Matlock
Bailout button
Bailout key
Bails out
Bairn grabbing potty means to hurt someone
Bait alternative
Bait fish
Bait, say
Bait, sometimes
Baja "bye"
Baja babies
Baja bash
Baja boss
Baja breakfast order
Baja buck
Baja buddies
Baja buddy
Baja California city
Baja California port
Baja cheer
Baja cuisine
Baja opposite
Baja's opposite
Bake in a shallow dish
Bake rhubarb containing a dash of sugar
Bake sale container
Bake sale display
Bake sale grp.
Bake sale grps.
Bake sale holder, maybe:
Bake sale holders, often
Bake sale offering
Bake sale order
Bake sale org.
Bake sale organizer, for
Bake, as eggs
Bake, in a way
Bake-off figure
Bake-off needs
Baked alternative
Baked beans ingredient
Baked beans maker
Baked beans, e.g.
Baked breakfast item
Baked clay
Baked comfort food
Baked dessert
Baked dessert item
Baked dessert with lemon
Baked dish
Baked dish served cold
Baked dough
Baked entree
Baked entrees
Baked ham spice
Baked Hawaiian dish
Baked item for Lent
Baked meat loaf
Baked side dish
Baked sugar and egg whites
Baked tubes
Baked ___
Baked, in Bari
Baked, in Bologna
Baker of jazz
Baker of renown
Baker of song
Baker of soul
Baker or Loos
Baker Street group
Baker v. ___ (landmark Su
Baker v. ___, 1962 Suprem
Baker v. ___, landmark 19
Baker who sang "Giving Yo
Baker who sang "Sweet Lov
Baker's 13
Baker's accessory
Baker's dozen
Baker's dozen quantity
Baker's dozen, maybe
Baker's dozen, say
Baker's dozen?
Baker's gadget
Baker's need
Baker's predecessor
Baker's quote from "Romeo
Baker's specialty
Baker's supply
Baker's unit
Baker, of a sort
Bakers' coats
Bakers' dozen, maybe?
Bakers' supplies
Bakers' wares
Bakers, e.g.
Bakery attraction
Bakery attractions
Bakery box liner
Bakery buy
Bakery call
Bakery container
Bakery display
Bakery employee
Bakery enticement
Bakery fixture
Bakery fixtures
Bakery gizmo
Bakery goodie
Bakery hot spot
Bakery implement
Bakery item
Bakery item folded in hal
Bakery items
Bakery loaves
Bakery lures
Bakery offering
Bakery offerings
Bakery olios?
Bakery order
Bakery product
Bakery selections
Bakery stock
Bakery supply
Bakery trayfuls, say
Bakery treat
Bakery treats
Bakery worker
Bakery worker, at times
Bakes, as eggs
Baking agent
Baking by-products
Baking chamber
Baking chambers
Baking holder
Baking icon
Baking ingredient, maybe
Baking need
Baking place
Baking places
Baking powder ingredient
Baking powder, e.g.
Baking soda amts.
Baking soda meas.
Baking spuds
Baklava ingredient
Baku is on it
Balaam's beast
Balaam's mount
Balaam's rebuker
Balance beam gripper
Balance beam?
Balance due
Balance keeper?
Balance of October
Balance point
Balance provider
Balance provider, briefly
Balance provider, for sho
Balance providers
Balance sheet abbr.
Balance sheet item
Balance sheet listing
Balance sheet plus
Balance unsteadily
Balance, composure
Balanced meal in irregularly sided container
Balancer of the books, fo
Balancing act - sewiously?
Balancing act with pedestrian supporting drunk painter?
Balancing act?
Balancing acts?
Balancing is essential to drinking nine vermouths on the bounce
Balancing pro
Balancing pros
Balbo of the Black Shirt
Balconies tense? Royal Ascot meeting?
Balcony barrier
Balcony railing
Balcony section
Balcony window
Bald baby?
Bald Brynner
Bald condition
Bald eagle's cousin
Bald people may wear them
Bald person's purchase
Bald-pated, short, old cuckoo's a crafty thing
Balder and Odin
Balderdash, rubbish - only one old penny for rocket?
Balding lion's lament?
Balding person's directiv
Baldness remedy?
Baldwin and Guinness
Baldwin of "30 Rock"
Baldwin of "Prelude to a
Baldwin of "Talk Radio"
Baldwin of "The Cat in th
Baldwin of the silver scr
Baldwin or Guinness
Baldwin who has hosted "S
Baldwin, Guinness, etc.
Bale binder
Bale out from European plane, leaving a hundred inside
Balearic island
Balearic resort isle
Baleful sickness upset no-good individual
Bali Ha'i, in "South Paci
Balkan capital
Balkan city's name 1946 to 1993 - dog trait
Balkan combatant
Balkan country
Balkan land
Balkan land: Abbr.
Balkan native
Balkan native when uprising gets sharp weapons
Balkan region
Balkan republic
Balks, as a horse
Ball bearing on a spacesh
Ball bearing?
Ball belles
Ball boy or ball girl?
Ball boy?
Ball carrier
Ball carrier, at times
Ball catcher
Ball catcher behind a cat
Ball club
Ball club come-on
Ball club deal
Ball club V.I.P.'s
Ball club V.I.P.: Abbr.
Ball field covering
Ball field error
Ball game
Ball game - small body of water
Ball game since 1823
Ball game with a net
Ball girl
Ball girl?
Ball girls
Ball girls?
Ball handler?
Ball hit high in the air by sportsman
Ball hit out of bounds
Ball holder
Ball holders
Ball honoree
Ball in a basket
Ball in a socket
Ball in the game p
Ball lands in short playing area
Ball mate
Ball material
Ball material for a cat
Ball measure
Ball of confusion
Ball of dough
Ball of fire
Ball of perfume


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