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"Advertising - Good or Bad"

In today's society, one must consider - Is there any advantage of advertising? In many cases it is only disadvantage - an anoying hinderance in our daily lives. It gets on our nerves, distorts the truth, and adds to the cost of the product.

Advertising is designed for one purpose - to sell. To acheive this goal, advertises are willing to stretch and distort the truth, just to convincing people to buy their product. For example, an advertiser may convince buyers to purchase their product by stating that has been tested and found superior. In reality, the product is not likely to be beter than any other - the tests themselves doubtlessly conducted by the promoting company - conducted to ensure at least something is superior about the product, even if it is only the colour.
These advertisments are worded carefully so that they are telling the "literal truth" - the truth is exactly what the words say, although people misinterperete the message by using conversational logic as something different - something better.

By using ingenious tatics like these, the populace is decieved into buying a product that may not do what is required, or a product which a buyer may have never really needed. This is why advertising is a bad thing, for our society.


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  • Develop a thesis: As noted earlier, this is important. Come up with a thesis after choosing a topic for your argumentative essay on advertising. This statement should be found at the introductory paragraph of your paper. It will enable your readers to know the positions you are taking about the topic you are talking about.
  • Come up with an outline: An outline is important because it is a guide on the information that will be contained in your paper. You should only write an outline after carrying out extensive research and gathering data about your topic and the argument you are making in your paper. Most advertising essay ideas about your paper that you have should always be contained in your outline.
  • Developing both supporting and refuting paragraphs: This is important when writing about an argumentative essay. This is an essay that aims at convincing a person that your line of argument is the best, hence you need to support your arguments with facts. Note that, argumentative advertising essay introduction will always your position about the argument, and the other paragraphs will support that position. This includes criticizing other lines of arguments that are opposed to yours.
  • Write a concluding statement: It is always important that you write a conclusion for your essay paper. This conclusion summarizes the main ideas contained in your paper, and it aims at supporting your thesis.
  • Reference and citations: For your paper to be of high quality, you must cite any information or idea that is not yours. If you do not have the skills to cite your paper, you can seek the services of a good custom writing company. These companies will provide good essays for you.

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