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I am a Marine so my day starts off at about 05.00. I get up, do hygiene, and head off to work for some physical training (PT). This usually consists of running any number of miles. After PT I drive back home to shower and grab some breakfast. My work day typically starts at 07.45. I take accountability of my troops and assign the tasks for the day. I will typically have some meetings to attend throughout the day. I will almost always bring my lunch to work so I can eat it as I type a report or take care of any number of tasks I was unable to complete earlier due to some unforeseen event.

After lunch I take accountability of my Marines and give them further tasking. At 16.30 I call my Marines into a formation and pass any information they might need, then I send them home. I leave work around 17.30 or 18.00. When I get home my wife has dinner ready for me. I then spend two hours on class work. I will then go spend a few minutes talking with my kids and playing a few games. I will then turn on the TV and watch a recording of a show. I then go to bed at 23.00. On the weekends I run my own business. I sell self-defense items at the local flea mall.

I hope to open a full time store within the next year. I would eventually like to own a chain of stores specializing in self-defense and tactical gear. Morals seem to be very loose these days. The time I am living in is all about getting ahead or getting what you want by any means necessary. People only care about doing the right thing if it benefits them. There are a few exceptions to this, but they are few and far between. There are two major things that contribute to the fall of morals in this time. The first one would be media.

There is just so much violence, foul language, and sex in movies, TV shows, video games, and music. The second major factor would be the war that has been raging on for the past 11 years. I view happiness as a way of life. It is all about having people around you that you love and that love you. Friends and family are the keys to happiness. I have a wife and two wonderful children. They make me happy every day. No matter how my day has gone, I know that when I get home I will have my wife and kids there waiting to spend time with me and tell me all about their days.

I also think pets are a part of the family. No matter how bad of a day you are having or how mad you are, as soon as your dog climes in your lap and gives you a kiss it just all melts away. The literary work I would put into the time capsule is a poem. The poem was written by Billy Collins, and is titled The Lanyard. It is a beautiful poem about a boy who gives his mother a lanyard that he made to repay her for all that she has done for him over the years. Everyone needs to remember what their mother has done for them.

This poem is a good reminder to call them more even to just say I love you. I think a picture of the World Trade Center would be a great piece of art and architecture to put into the time capsule. It is important to remember the significant events from history that has shaped the way America is now. It is important to remember all of the Americans that were lost on September 11, 2001. The act of terrorism that took place that day started a chain reaction that has kept our country in war for over 10 years so far. There is no telling how it has changed life for generations to come.

A significant song would be Moment like This by Kelly Clarkson. I did not pick this song because it was an amazing song. I picked it because of what it represents. Kelly Clarkson was the winner of the very first American Idol. The song represents the start of a new wave in entertainment in America and around the world. That song ushered in a new era in TV entertainment. Prime time is now filled with singing contests and talent shows. The movie I would put into the time capsule would be the box set of The Lord of the Ring.

I chose these movies for a few reasons. The first is I really like the movies and think they will be enjoyed no matter what time you live. The second reason is because it is the highest grossing trilogy of all time. The last reason is because this move is a great example of good wining over evil. The gadget I would put in the time capsule is an iPhone. The iPhone is the phone that started the craze for app enabled phones. The android phone did not come out for a while after the iPhone. Microsoft even came out with their own version of phone.

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The Time Capsule Essay - With A Free Essay Review

From 5th grade Cathy is etched onto the metal. My hands shake as I wipe off the dirt on the metallic container. As I twist the knob off, the yellow-rimed cap gives off a small sigh, unwilling to reveal the secrets it has guarded for seven years. Inside the time capsule there is a faded photograph, a crinkled note written in my clumsy handwriting, and a few trinkets of which are heartfelt remnants of my younger years. In the photograph, a nearly unrecognizable version of myself sits on a swing next to my mom, who tightly envelops me with one arm. Among the trinkets there is a blue ribbon and a ballerina hello kitty toy from a McDonald’s happy meal. From the glances of a stranger, there seems to be nothing valuable among this pile of junk. While they may have no monetary value, these artifacts in my eyes are priceless.

Each object evokes fond memories of my childhood that have long since been forgotten underneath the weight of adolescence. The photograph conjures pleasant memories of weekends at the park with my family as we baked underneath the sweltering Georgia sun, relishing the moments when our nostrils finally filled with the ambrosia-like smells of barbeque. My hand then delicately picks up the stunning blue ribbon, an example of my earlier success at a peewee story writing competition. I am immediately transported back to the stuffy room with blinding flash cameras and cooing parents as the judges hand out ribbons to the gracious finalists. Alas, my pensive eyes rest on the scratched-up kitty toy. The childhood staple was an essential during slumber parties as the heroine in my elaborate schemes of charming princes and slaying dragons.

Although seemingly unrelated, the objects from the time capsule represent pieces of my life that have been collected together like an intricate puzzle to reveal the final product. It would be nonsensical of me, however, to say that I am a mirror reflection of the girl in the photo. I no longer view life through the spectacles of a naïve child, but rather as someone who has experienced the classic insecurities of adolescence. No one ever told me that the weekly trips to the park would soon be replaced with weekends of work, or that one unfortunate day society would judge me for still buying the happy meals. Yet, as reflected in the overwhelming sense of nostalgia from this discovery, her fiery spirit has remained sheltered from the tests of time. We still share the same smile, the same passion to learn, and the same audacity to leap onto the stage of life.

As I sit surrounded by my tokens of history, I feel an obligation to repeat the process. While the trinkets may have been pieces of my past, they are only pieces of an unfinished puzzle. With the same excitement as my former self, I take out a sheet of paper and title my letter, Dear Future Cathy…


This is a nice story, but a bit overwritten, by which I mean you tend to reach always for the exaggerated style and fanciful vocabulary. Occasionally the words are just liable to make your reader wince a little, but occasionally also you miss the mark altogether, choosing words that don't accurately communicate your intended meaning. I'm sure you were asked to write a descriptive essay, but description doesn't have to entail qualifying every noun or verb with an intensive or quaint modifier. In descriptive essays such as this, modifiers are helpful when they contribute to the evocation of an experience or are in some other way relevant to the story you tell. There's no need for the blue ribbon to be stunning, and I would prefer you to lift it carefully rather than delicately, or, since we're more interested in you than the ribbon, express directly your concern about its fragility. I don't think the smells of the barbecue need to be so exotic, and if the reference there is to the ambrosia of the gods, no one is going to know what smell you are referring to. Eyes, finally, should never be pensive, unless you are writing a surreal poem or a novel about aliens who think and see with the same organ. By "pensive eyes" you mean to say that you looked at those things and you started thinking about lots of stuff. It would be better to say that the objects put you into a pensive mood, if you have to use the word "pensive," which is a nice word. But you don't have to use the word, and you can instead just tell us what you were thinking.

Being a good writer doesn't entail using great words, it entails effectively communicating great thoughts, so instead of trying hard to find fine words, spend more time working out exactly what you want to communicate. What you do think about when you look at the objects from long ago are the differences and the similarities between your former self and your present self. The young you is naive; the older, experienced. Though the least developed, this is the best part of the essay, because here you are not just remembering, but thinking, examining, judging. Now let's say I want to know more about the naivete of the child. You could say "I was very naive" or even "I was sublimely naive," but it would be a lot better to think about, and write about, the actual ways in which the child was naive. When it comes to the "experienced" you, you do begin to explain things a bit better. You have experienced the "classic insecurities" of adolescence. To call these insecurities "classic" is to say to your reader, in effect, "you should know what I'm talking about, so I'm not going to bother telling you." You do mention, however, that you have worked, and have suffered the ignominy suffered by girls of a certain age consuming happy meals. That's related to your being "experienced" if not precisely to your having experienced insecurities. But I suspect you could to a better job of explaining the trials and burdens and whatnot of growing up. Digging up a time capsule really should prompt reflection on what time has done to you, so I think your approach to the essay is spot on, but your reflection on these matters does not go far enough. Best wishes, EJ.

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